Ragged But Right Arnie Naiman & Kathy Reid-Naiman

Down Harmony Road - Merriweather Records

Ragged But Right

Kathy Reid-Naiman and Arnie Naiman have been singing and playing music for over 30 years in the Toronto area. Their involvement and contributions in traditional folk music and dance, and children’s music genres has had a profound and lasting effect within the community at large and are known far and wide.  As a duo their musical tastes cover a wide variety of styles. Their old time style repertoire includes songs from Uncle Dave Macon, Charlie Poole and The Delmore Brothers plus traditional Stringband songs and instrumentals. As well, in performance you will be treated to the occasional unique old Jazz song, traditional American, British, and Canadian ballads. Original compositions including Arnie’s clawhammer banjo instrumentals are a regular part of their performances. They also play guitar, dulcimer and banjo uke.

Down Harmony Road 
Includes old songs from the classic recording era learned from The Delmore Brothers, Uncle Dave Macon, Charlie Poole, Riley Puckett, The Boswell Sisters, The Hickory Nuts, Whitey & Hogan, The Carter Family, Washington Phillips and Lou Carter.  In addition are two newer gems from Lori Holland, and Rick Speyer.
They are joined by the fine playing and singing of Ken Whiteley, Victor Bateman, Chris Coole, Finest Kind and James Stephens

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