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New ! "My Lucky Stars"
This recording is similar in style to those I had done before with Chris Coole on the 5 strings Attached albums, as he backs me up on all of the banjo/guitar duets and also part of the band cuts which also include the fabulous fiddle playing of John Showman and Hannah Shira Naiman, and bass playing of Max Heineman.
There are a couple of 2 finger picking tunes and the rest are clawhammer style, and I have included my banjo tunings in the liner notes just in case you are a banjo player and would like to learn and play some of my tunes.  I am grateful to have received a recording grant from The Ontario Arts Council.  I would love to get this out into the world and into your ears!
Please consider ordering the physical cd or the digital downloads.   I hope you enjoy the listening experience, and thank you for your support in advance 
The Banjo Special - features bluegrass, clawhammer & Irish tenor banjo music
Arnie Naiman, Chris Quinn, Brian Taheny & Chris Coole

"This project should please banjo players and fans of well played banjo music alike.You could call this a banjo feast" B. Buckingham- Old Time Herald

Five Strings Attached with No Backing  by Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole have become favorites of old time banjo fans worldwide. This reissue features both classic albums in one package!
Double cd discs! Liner notes included in booklet M03CA
"Five Strings Attached is a favorite of mine. Great original tunes, lovely renditions of traditional tunes and the best of traditional and contemporary playing. Arnie and Chris have created one of those evergreen compilations"  -Cathy Fink
Gentleman From Virginia features straight ahead southern old time stringband music from The Albemarle Ramblers.
This wonderful collection from the Albemarle Ramblers contains a  variety of southern old-time ballads, songs, and tunes learned from Uncle Dave Macon, The Carter Family, Stephen Foster, and fiddlers such as Gerry Milnes, Robert Sykes, Tom Isenhour, James H. Chisholm, Mark Campbell and more plus a band arrangement of Arnie Naiman's banjo tune -"Walking The Dog" to top it off.
Down Harmony Road by Ragged but Right ( Arnie Naiman & Kathy Reid-Naiman)  includes old songs from the classic recording era learned from The Delmore Brothers, Uncle Dave Macon, Charlie Poole, Riley Puckett, The Boswell Sisters, The Hickory Nuts, Whitey & Hogan, The Carter Family, Washington Phillips and Lou Carter.  In addition are two newer gems from Lori Holland, and Rick Speyer.
They are joined by the fine playing and singing of Ken Whiteley, Victor Bateman, Chris Coole, Finest Kind and James Stephens

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer have produced a recording  released by Rounder Records on June 5th, 2007 called "Old Time Banjo Festival" Arnie Naiman and Chris Coole plus a host of other great banjo players namely: Bob Smakula,Mike Seeger, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Dan Gellert, Daniel Koulack, Gordy Hinners, Kate Brett, Leonard Podalak, Paul Brown, Mark Schatz, Bruce Molsky, Bob Carlin, David Holt, Laura Boosinger, Adam Hurt, Reed Martin, Bill Schmidt, and Rick Good